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Equity, Inclusion and Diversity


We appreciate each other’s unique perspectives and contributions. Together, we can live out our purpose: Better healthcare for all patients, with special attention to marginalized groups.

That promise is grounded several principles and supports our commitment to health and wellbeing.

Commitment statement

Solas Health is a community of people characterized by diversity of thought, background, preferences, and approach, and bonded together by our commitment to our purpose: Better healthcare to our communities. Our pledge is to create an inclusive environment where all persons in our community can be themselves, so that we can find value in our differences.


Solas Health promotes a sense of belonging, respect, and celebration of differences. This enables our members of our community to feel supported in their passions and ability to provide quality care to our clients.


Solas Health embraces and values all human differences. We strive to enrich ourselves and our communities as we listen and learn from each other, maximizing our potential.

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Our  mission is to improve lives and help you get better. 

Addiction, pain, and mental health challenges interfere with the joys of living, but we can help.  Dr. Corrigan, and the whole team at Solas Health, will help.

If you are in need of help, please call us at: 919-460-7246  or message us.

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