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Does Online Therapy Really Work?

Online therapy is here to stay! The pandemic made it necessary for many people to keep on top of substance use disorders or mental health disorders. During the pandemic, innovation and connection were the keys to keeping the world moving. And online therapy helped people stay focused on their mental health.

Online therapy is now available to anyone, anywhere. But is it effective?

Online Therapy And The Pandemic

The pandemic brought out a lot of issues for everyone. Whether struggling with financial insecurity, relationships, or work worries, everyone was faced with stress during the pandemic.

Studies show that the pandemic increased mental health symptoms in young people on a global scale. According to the Centers for Disease Control, young people ages 18 to 24 have experienced a significant increase in anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts since the beginning of 2020. In addition, experts say there has been an uptick in domestic violence cases since the early days of the pandemic, which is also correlated with substance abuse.

Online Therapy and Substance Use Disorder

Many people are hesitant to start online therapy because they’re not sure that it will help. However, research into the beginning of the pandemic and the transition to online treatment has found that clients are just as happy about the outcome as those who see therapists in person.

The most common form of online therapy used for people with substance use disorder is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This type of therapy is talk therapy that helps clients learn to act and behave differently by challenging their negative beliefs about themselves. A lot of CBT focuses on negative self-talk and working with triggers. Once a person identifies these things, they can learn to react differently when they occur.

Science Backs Online Therapy

A recent review of 17 different studies found that CBT for depression was just as effective when done online as in person. In addition, people who received online CBT for panic disorder, PTSD, and phobias rated themselves as highly satisfied with the outcome of their online treatment. Sometimes they were more satisfied in comparison with in-person therapy.

Online therapy helps build bridges and fill the gaps when it comes to substance use disorder. Many people who don’t live near treatment centers and desire outpatient treatment have found that online therapy meets their needs without disrupting their lives.

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